Waterproof protection of the replica watch

Waterproof protection of the replica watch


The water is very wet and has always been the enemy of precision instruments. The movement and the fog of the movement enter from the gap, and the rust of the movement is caused by careless waterproofing. Therefore, the crown must be maintained in the normal position, that is, the non-adjusted state. The screw-in crown should always be locked.

In addition, the waterproof rubber ring and crown (including the waterproof ring) of the watch will age and lose flexibility over time. Every time summer comes, especially every time you prepare to dive, make sure that the watch is waterproof.

Water resistance of 30~50 meters is the same as ordinary water resistance, which means that the surface of the watch is in contact with water and no water pressure is applied to the watch. Can only be used for daily grooming (including water) or wearing in the rain.

Men's watches can only work in water such as swimming and diving, and are professional waterproof watches that have passed 100 meters (including 100 meters). Any waterproof watch is not allowed to wear a hot shower, nor can it be used in a sauna or in an environment with large temperature changes.

If the temperature drop of the waterproof rubber ring is large, the heat will rise or fall. Because the number of popular replica watches uk with a telescopic system that changes with temperature differences is more sensitive than the case, once the temperature changes, there will be a gap between the waterproof ring and the case, that is, the air into which water vapor can penetrate. For a long time, the elasticity of the waterproof ring has declined, accelerated aging, and condensation will appear in the water and the watch, causing serious damage to the parts of the movement.