Canadian citizenship application.

Applying for Canadian citizenship


Applying for Canadian citizenship: Visit the Government of Canada website.

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The citizenship test will ask you questions about Canada's electoral process, government structure, Confederation, key historical and geographical features, and citizenship rights and responsibilities.

You should also be prepared to answer more specific questions about the economy, geography and history in your region.

Current questions that may be asked can be found on the federal government website.

Further tips for preparing for the citizenship test can also be found on another federal government website.

All the answers can be found in the book "A look at Canada," which is available from the Citizenship Court.
Not all countries allow their citizens to hold Canadian citizenship (i.e., countries that do not allow dual citizenship). Applicants applying for citizenship must have knowledge of English or French, general knowledge of Canada's geography, history and political system. Individuals must be sure they are qualified to apply for citizenship, this includes the required number of days before applying for citizenship. If the numbers are not met, the applicant may not qualify. Keep in mind that there is absolutely no refund once the application is submitted.
To be eligible for citizenship, a person must show that they have been assembled to be part of the community and have reasons for residing in Canada. For example, by giving their primary residence to Canada. The applicant's life in Canada is taken into account at three years in the previous four years.

For more information on individual applications and qualifications, contact Toronto Immigration Law Firm.