I've put in a lot time making my name known

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"First first I'd like to state that the thing we're doing is not at all illegal," Rangee says in NBA2king the FAQ document that was obtained by P.TV. "If it was illegal I wouldn't do it because no sum of money would warrant being in jail.

Also keep in mind, it could be a scam. I, as well as [Rack] wouldn't go through the effort of putting their names on the internet for others to find out who we are. This community is very dear to me, and I've put in a lot time making my name known."

Simply put, victims believed that , if they were to pay Calvin a large sum of money, Rack would pay them back with high interest rates. Raangee would get a 25 percent cut in an amount for recruitment. "He [Rack] usually sends a receipt of what we owe, and the amount is paid in between 7-14 business days because of his security in the bank," the FAQ document states.

"Most banks require 5 business days to send money, but Rack's bank is slower." Initial those we spoke to reported that they had received payments from Rack. But then communication were cut off. Some victims claim they didn't receive any money from Rack. The fraudsters would use excuses or disregard victims when they tried to reach Rack for information about their money.

"We were supposed to Buy 2K MT PS4 get the money, but it was never done. We waited for nearly a month, and he brought various excuses like his PayPal is locked, etc to buy the time" an additional alleged victim was quoted by P.TV.